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Fish Praying Ritual of Hai Thanh fishermen
  The Fish Praying Ritual of Hai Thanh fishermen is held on the 14th day of the fourth lunar month. The festival expresses the fishermen’s thanks to whales, respectfully called Grandfather Fish, and prays for a safe and profitable fishing season and a peaceful life for those who face the many challenges and risks at sea.
At the festival, there is a procession of Ong’s bone from village to communal house to show the sincerity of fishermen to their Whale God.

The fish praying ritual begins with "Bat Son Thuy" and "Doi Cau" ceremonies at the Hai Thanh cemetery and on the Nhat Le river to receive soul of heroic martyrs and those who died at sea by storms ... Then, “Mua Bong, Cheo Can” teams ( "Cheo can" performance, "bong" (flower) dance with the attendance of many local people) performs God offering ritual and pray to God for decent weather, a smooth sea and for good fishing. The evening of the same day, people will drop flower lamp on the Nhat Le River.

The fish praying ritual is the traditional cultural festival of Hai Dinh fishermen in particular, the localities in waters in general. The Fish Praying Ritual is to honor the career as well as to pray for peace in production activities and the life of fishermen.

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