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Hero Quach Xuan Ky

Quach Xuan Ky (1926 - 1949) born at Trung Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. The son of Quach Nguyen Ham – a famous physician. Quach Xuan Ky is the 5th child in his family, engaged in the Viet Minh movement when he was young. 


                                                                       Hero Quach Xuan Ky

In 1944, he joined the Viet Minh front of Bo Trach district. In 1945, the August Revolution broke out, he participated in the uprising Committee of Bo Trach district and became one of the leaders of the new political power in his homeland  after the success of the August Revolution.

In 1948, he was elected to the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Bo Trach district Party Committee. under his leadership, Bo Trach district became famous in the resistance against the French colonialist with the fighting villages bravely, such as Cu Nam village.  

In the early 1949, Quach Xuan Ky became member of the provincial party committee, secretary of the Dong Hoi Party Committee.

Quach Xuan Ky was arrested  in 1949 and then, he was executed by firing squad in Hoan Lao on July 11, 1949.